And the Winner is…

The cover designer of "Painted Silver" incorporated elements in the poster for the Name the Character Raffle.

The cover designer of “Painted Silver” incorporated elements in the poster for the Name the Character Raffle.

A local woman who lives close to St. Michaels took First Prize in the Name the Character Raffle.  Dr. Eleanor Welsh was surprised she won because “I haven’t won anything in 20 years and I think the prize was school supplies.  This prize is so much better!”  She bought the winning raffle ticket on a lark.  As the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, Maryland, she thought it was a wonderful way to support the school.  All proceeds from the raffle went to the Chesapeake College Foundations for scholarships.

The day after her ticket was drawn, we worked together to create the character of a volunteer in the new St. Michaels/Silver Mystery series book, “Painted Silver.”  She brought a little helper to the writing session:  her 10 year-old granddaughter, Vivienne Welsh, who was thrilled to be involved and loves to write.

“Painted Silver” takes place at the Plein Air Easton Art Festival.  Gifted artists competing for big prizes and fame along with elite art collectors searching for their next acquisitions are drawn into a web of creative envy, greed… and murder.  I wrote a volunteer character into several scenes of the story, including some dialogue.  It was great fun to watch the accomplished academic scholar work with her granddaughter in hammering out the details.  Vivienne is very creative.

And the character?  Sara-V (named for Vivienne), known for her unique and unusual earrings, is a financial professional who has retired to the Shore and is enthusiastic about her volunteer work at Plein Air-Easton.  The reader meets her early in the mystery when she is talking to amateur sleuth and silver expert, Abby Strickland.  Sara-V sees a suspicious man at the edge of the woods.  Is he the murderer?  Will she become a victim when she takes off after him and…?

The book comes out tomorrow and will be available at Amazon and local Eastern Shore bookstores and shops.

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