Celebrating an Indie Bookstore!

At Mystery Loves Company bookstore,  the American independent spirit was alive and well this 4th of July weekend !

IMG_1632This bookseller made me the featured author  in the 22nd anniversary celebration.  Mystery Loves Company began in Baltimore in 1991 and moved to the tiny town of Oxford, Maryland in 2006… and is thriving!  The 700 residents and a wide array of visitors wander in, browse and explore titles they might not see on the bestseller lists.  The proprietor, Kathy Harig always has time for a customer.  Conversations cover a gamut of topics and usually focus down to “Oh, you might be interested in this (author, new release, classic…)” and the visitor smiles with a new book or books in hand.

We don’t get that kind of time and attention in bookstores or libraries anymore.  There are so few knowledgeable people who can lead us on a journey of discovery… unless you happen to know my local librarian, but that’s a topic for another blog.

As readers and authors, we are fortunate to have special booksellers like Kathy who knows more about mysteries, Eastern Shore non-fiction publications, local authors, collectible and rare books and…  Well, you get the idea.  I’ve popped into this unique bookstore to say hello and spent many hours chatting about books and writing.

Mystery Loves Company Bookshop

Mystery Loves Company Bookshop

The shop is tucked away in a tiny town that pre-dates the Revolutionary War with quaint homes and tree-lined streets.  You can reach it by car – a short ride from Easton – but consider taking the ferry from Bellevue to Oxford for a richer experience.  You’ll find Mystery Loves Company in a charming century-old bank building.  Inside, there are stacks and shelves to mine for gems.  Yes, she keeps her rare books in the old and very impressive vault!



Kathy Harig, Bookseller with Author

During my book signing for “Tarnished Silver,” there were waves of people who took time to visit, ask questions, sip punch and have some birthday cake.  We sold out in 3 hours and Kathy closed the shop to avoid disappointing other customers.  We had a good number of books but will have more for the signing scheduled for August.

Thank you, Kathy and Mystery Loves Company for your support, enthusiasm and independent spirit!


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  1. Thanks for the kind words about Mystery Loves Company Booksellers in Oxford MD. I could give an equally glowing response to you and your book. I truly enjoyed it and the local color about the region is spot on. I hope to sell tons more of your books Good luck with your series.

    • Kaye, thank you for your great comment. The bookstore, the bookseller and the town of Oxford are truly unique in a wonderful way! Forgive my tardy response… I got lost in the development of the next book in the Silver Mystery series, Sacred Silver.

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