Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver pieces bring an air of elegance to any table.

Serving Spoon in the Radiant Pattern by Whiting

Serving Spoon in the Radiant Pattern by Whiting Silver Co.

Originally made popular in the United States during the late 1800′s and early 1900′s, there seems to be a pattern for every taste.

Silver manufacturers designed pieces for just about any type of food that might be served.  You recognize this is a regular serving spoon that can serve mashed potatoes… but it is transformed into something special when it is made in sterling.

Server - Chantilly Pattern by Gorham

Mystery Server? – Chantilly Pattern by Gorham

But what is this piece?

Hint:  It’s used to serve a green vegetable that comes out of the garden in the spring.

This strange-looking piece is designed to keep asparagus under control between the serving dish and your dinner plate!  Notice that area just where the handle meets the flat part… there is a lip that comes up to cradle the asparagus spears so they don’t wiggle away.  You push the server under a few spears then tip it back so they roll under the lip.  Move it over your plate and tip it down to deposit the vegetable without it escaping all over the place!  

These are just a couple of the wide array of interesting and funny pieces still available and used today though they were originally designed in the 1890′s!

Sterling silver — an elegant way to serve different foods… and MURDER.