It’s Official! You can “Name the Pup” Now!

SunsetonCreekIt’s a beautiful spot on the Tred Avon River, right off the Chesapeake Bay. In the Whispers serial mystery, Maggie enjoys beautiful sunsets.  The ripples of salt water gently lap the shoreline. So calming…             But lights and strange sounds wake her in the middle of the night and her place is miles away from the police.


What is out there?  Is that a red light bobbing around in the marsh?

Should she panic? Call the police? No, her friends… and her authors say… what you need is a dog!

So, Maggie is going to adopt a dog from Talbot Humane Society, but she can’t decide on a name.

To help, Whispers and Attraction Magazine, along with Whispers sponsor, Historic Banning’s Tavern are asking readers to “Name the Pup” for Maggie. You can submit your suggestions online (details below). At the same time, you can make a donation to help Talbot Humane. The winner will be drawn at the Bark in the Park event in Easton, Maryland on October 10th.

The Whispers LogoThe winning name will first appear in Episode 25 of Whispers on October 13th at . It will be fun to see how the antics of Maggie’s new pet disrupt her life.

Cody Small

No time to pose! Cody sees a squirrel!!

I know it will bring back memories of the first months my black Lab Cody moved in…but that’s for another blog.

I’ve heard a rumor from the publisher and the sponsor that more prizes are coming. More about that later, after I check it out.

Here’s how the process works to “Name the Pup”:

Visit now and click on the Whispers logo in the right corner. The entry information form makes it easy to submit your favorite name(s). If you’d like to make a small donation to Talbot Humane, just click the secure link to PayPal. All proceeds go to Talbot Humane.

Let the crazy fun begin… and maybe that red light in the marsh will disappear!


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