Maggie’s Dog

Logo for the New Mystery Serial Published in Attraction Magazine

Logo for the Mystery Serial Published in Attraction Magazine

Maggie, the leading character in the Whispers weekly serial mystery published by Attraction Magazine is having a crisis.  Because of recent events, she is feeling more and more uncomfortable being alone at home.  She has decided to adopt a dog for companionship and protection.

I must admit that Maggie had a little help with that decision from her authors so that we could support the upcoming fundraising event for Talbot Humane, Bark in the Park on Saturday, October 10 at Idlewild Park, Easton, Maryland.

It’s dangerous when co-authors, Cheril Thomas and I, sat back and enjoyed a glass of wine and muse.

“Wouldn’t it be fun if the dog wanted to adopt was a real dog up for adoption?” one of us suggested.

“Yes!  Then we could march with the real dog in the parade and…” and we were off.

With the threat of Hurricane Joaquin staring at us, we visited the Talbot Humane shelter and found big dogs and even bigger dogs.  Though they were all friendly, healthy and excited, Maggie’s dog just wasn’t there.

The next day, the adoption manager called to say that Maggie’s dog had just been surrendered because the owner was moving and couldn’t keep her.

There is something special when someone talks about your character as if she breathes and lives right down the street.

In minutes, my phone beeped with an incoming text and I met Callie!Callie Small

She is a Boston Terrier Mix, about 3 years old and a svelte 22 lbs.

With the report that the hurricane was swinging away and the only thing our area had to handle was heavy rain from a nor’easter, I put on my swim fins and drove to the shelter to meet the little girl… and fell in love.

She is everything her picture suggested… and more.  She’s playful and loves to run, then she plops down and pants, exhausted.  Attentive and alert, she’s curious about her surroundings and always ready to play.

Cheril and I are furiously writing her into upcoming episodes, but we need YOUR HELP!

This little dog came with a name that will not work in the story.  Callie is too close to Maggie’s husband’s name, Cal.  Does that give you a shiver or what?

You’re invited to submit a name for Maggie’s new dog.  Follow this link to enter.  A small donation would be greatly appreciated.

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The winning name for the dog will be drawn on Saturday afternoon along with the winners for wonderful prizes like a $500 gift certificate for great food and drinks at Historic Banning’s Tavern, sponsor of Whispers, a $500 gift certificate for great shows and performances at the Avalon… and more!

Thanks for your support of Talbot Humane, Callie and her friends!  And, yes, she will be marching in the parade on Saturday at TH’s Bark in the Park.  Hope to see you then!

Be sure to follow the escapades of Maggie and her new companion as they try to solve the murder!  All episodes are available online at, click on the Whispers logo.

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