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The Whispers LogoWhispers started as an offhand comment and grew into a new murder mystery published as a serial in Attraction Magazine and at www.AttractionMag.com where the episodes appear every Tuesday.

Maggie Maitland, a wholesale antiques buyer and new resident of the Eastern Shore, is still reeling from the sudden death of her husband. Just as she begins her new way of life, she is thrust into the spotlight as a suspect the man she believes killed her husband. To clear herself and protect her best friends, Maggie starts her own investigation and attracts the attention of the real killer.

Writing a story in a serial format isn’t new.  Probably the most famous author who used this technique was Charles Dickens who first published all his famous novels as serials first!

That tradition continues with Whispers.  Susan Reiss is the head writer of the series and Cheril Thomas is the co-author.

Cheril Thomas

Cheril Thomas, Author

Cheril Thomas lives in Easton, Maryland and writes mystery fiction. Her non-fiction work has appeared in Municipal Maryland. Her short fiction has been published by Wordpool Press and featured in Digital Papercut Literary Journal, as well as Wild Violet Literary Magazine. New fiction is forthcoming in Blinders Literary Journal. Her new novel Adverse Possession will be released in 2016.

The Whispers serial began on April 28 of this year and will run in 32 episodes.  They will appear weekly at www.AttractionMag.com until December.  Also, watch for the monthly column about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of writing this serial…on a deadline.  That’s right, Whispers is not a finished manuscript that we divided into 32 episodes.  We are writing the story just a bit before each is published.

Why?  The idea and opportunity happened so fast.  From the moment when the publishers and Susan decided to explore the possibility to the day Whispers was announced was just about a month!  But the two authors are working hard to craft an intriguing, engaging and well-written story… just for you!

Join the fun, solve the murder… and tell us what you think!


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