What Are They Drinking? The Results Are In!

The Readers and Friends of Whispers have spoken!  Based on the results of voting during the past several weeks, the new cocktails, dreamed up by our Whispers Mixologist at Historic Banning’s Tavern, are now matched to the characters in the serial mystery.

Here are the results:

Maggie Maitland, teller of the Whispers Tale:  Peartree Martini
The true essence of sophistication served in a glass all its own. Clean and simple until you look into its depths to find to find something truly unique and unexpected.

Ginger, Maggie’s best friend:  Blackberry Margarita
A succulent garnet concoction perfects a romp of unique flavors, along with the tang of salt and crowned with the oh-so-healthy and sumptuous blackberry for a younger look.

Rose (not Rosie), Finn’s Widow:  Cucumber Martini
Ritzy, yet reserved.  Classy, yet curious.  In its misty freshness, there is something muddled trying to sort out its two companions—one feisty, one mellow.

Eva, Finn’s First Wife:  Perfect Double Dos Margarita-OLE!
More than a song, more than a showgirl with a kick, it’s a double-dose of strong and sweet flavors bordered by a rim of salt to keep it in check.

H.C. Drummond, State Police Detective investigating the murder:  Favorite Manhattan
Highly-sophisticated flavor and a smooth rosewood color.  Look!  A luscious cherry is nestled deep at its center, like a secret.  This one wants to be stirred, not shaken.

“Sandy” Batista, Sergeant & H.C. Drummond’s partner: Cuban Daiquiri
The many colors and flavors of Cuba, where it originated, will rekindle your thoughts of a sun-drenched beach, soft breezes… and the uncertainty of shifting sands.

Paulina, the Local BusybodyBabbling Russian
Smooth flavors blended with fine vodka make one babble for joy.  Alabaster goodness reminds you that the here-and-now is all that matters.

Lindsay, Co-owner and Chef of Ashlin’s:  Summer Relief (Cooler)
This tawny blend of light, sparkly flavors recalls memories of a lemonade stand that offers cool relief while it ignites a warm feeling deep inside.

Thank you to all for participating!

Watch for the characters enjoying these Banning’s cocktails in upcoming episodes of Whispers in Attraction Magazine www.attractionmag.com

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