Where Does a Writer Get Her Ideas?

A writer seems to collect a mountain of ideas and most fade away from lack of interest.

But sometimes, an idea steps up and slaps the writer in the face.

I’ve spent many years writing for television and now spend my time writing the St. Michaels/Sterling Silver Mystery Series.  I’ve never seen an idea blossom into a project like this. 

Last summer, I had lunch with friends who volunteer for Plein Air-Easton who suggested it might be a perfect venue to set a murder for my mystery series.  I was tempted to spend the week strolling around, talking to artists, admiring their work—in other words, doing research.  But no, I told myself, you have one book in print, one on the boards and one in development.  Wait until next year.

Some ideas are not to be denied.  About two weeks ago, my volunteer-friends were excited about this year’s Plein Air event:  the 10th Anniversary celebration, big prize money and important people coming.  Their excitement was infectious and I thought it would be great to support a local effort. 

The next morning, I was in a meeting with the event directors when this novel idea slapped me again.  This year’s opening dinner and Paint Out event will be at Wye House on Bruff’s Island, which is named for the first English settler there – the first of five silversmiths.  Silversmiths!  Sterling silver mystery series!!  The title came in a flash:  Painted Silver.  

Who am I to stand in the way of an idea?  The work is underway and many things are falling into place in curious, wonderful ways.  That’s why I’ve started the Painted Silver Blog.  You can follow this madcap journey begun by an idea that wouldn’t be denied.


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