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A new blog begins on July 14th to chronicle the roller-coaster adventure of writing a weekly serial as it goes to press.

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The world is filled with so many stories.  There are so many situations that are wonderful to share or inspire an opinion.  That’s why I write a blog.

In the beginning, my posts were about my Silver Mystery series and the wonders of sterling silver pieces, along with some reflections about the writing process.

Now, there are three books in the series… with more to come.

But life is never quite what one expects.  Sometimes, a wonderful opportunity appears and it sets you off in a new direction.  That’s what happened to me last February at a breakfast meeting on a very cold day.

I was offered a commission to write a serial for publication in a long-established regional magazine.  The serial would run through the “season” here on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay and appear online with additional coverage in the monthly print magazine.

It was a phenomenal opportunity for a working writer… and has become an adventure story in itself.  One that might be shared.

Many readers have asked me over the years, Writers Chair 2What’s it like to sit in the writer’s  chair?  Sometimes, I wonder why people want to know about the long hours spent sitting at the keyboard and staring at a screen, hoping for inspiration; how the muscles hurt when I finally get up from the chair; what frustration feels like when the ideas and right words just don’t come.  Then there are the days when the story flows and I feel like, yes, Queen of the World.

But all that happens when I’m working on a book, in control of the schedule and development.

The Whispers LogoThat’s not the case with the Serial called Whispers.  So many things have happened that, as I said, it’s become an adventure story in itself.  That’s why I’m starting a separate blog to take you on the roller-coaster experience of writing this Serial.

Writing Whispers gives you the chance to sit in the writer’s chair, to feel the excitement of creating characters, concocting plot twists… and yes, sometimes, feeling the terror of the episode not coming together as the deadline looms.Check back on Tuesday for more! Let me know what you think … and if you have any suggestions on surviving the writing of 32 episodes as they’re published.  No pressure here!

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